"invisible" zipper sewing is a trendy sewing method.

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zipper is also called zipper. It is one of the ten inventions that facilitate people's life in modern times. Zippers rely on continuously arranged chain teeth, connecting pieces that merge or separate articles, and are now widely used in clothing, bags, tents, etc.
A qualified zipper product must have the following two points:
1. Fasteners composed of two belts each with a row of metal teeth or plastic teeth, edges used to connect the openings, and a sliding piece that can pull the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the openings;
2. A chain linked to something to tighten, stabilize or guide it.
Wenzhouzip closureintroduces a very fashionable zipper sewing method-"invisible" zipper sewing method.
Invisible sewing is an easy and fast way to install zippers, because there is no need for fake editing lines and front lines. Using invisible zipper presser feet, it can move the line car as close to the zipper teeth as possible, thus achieving the invisible effect of "disappearing" the zipper in the clothing piece from the front. Clothes sewn through this invisible sewing are also favored by many young people.

Created on:2018/05/16 09:08