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zipper consists of chain teeth, slider, upper and lower stops or locking parts, etc. Among them, the chain tooth is the key part, which directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper. Generally, the zipper has two chain belts, each chain belt has a row of chain teeth, and the two rows of chain teeth are staggered. The slider clamps the chain teeth on both sides, and the chain teeth on both sides can be engaged or disengaged by sliding with the help of the pull loop.
Regarding the zipper before installation, it is best to iron some adhesive linings on the part of the zipper installation, especially when sewing light weight or unstable fabrics, use a thinner adhesive lining with a width of about 1 inch and a length and the same length as the zipper opening, which will be of great help to the effect and appearance of sewing the zipper. Herezip closuremanufacturers will teach everyone a common method of sewing zippers-"overlapping" sewing method: the 5/8 inch sewing position of the garment piece car is used together with the sewing position to compile the zipper opening with fake thread, then hot the sewing position, and place the reverse side of the garment piece on the front of the closed zipper to the sewing position so that the edge of the cloth on the right side of the zipper is aligned with the edge of the sewing position of the garment piece. Fix the zipper cloth and the sewing position of the garment piece with a 1/4-inch sewing position. Be careful not to move the garment piece, then turn the zipper to the front, turn the zipper along the fake stitching or as close to the other side of the fake stitching as possible, then open the fabric to make the garment piece face up, drive the 3/8-inch wide open thread from the front of the bottom of the zipper to the top, and then remove the fake stitching.
the Method of Sewing Zippers


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