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zipper brings us a lot of convenience in our life. We can see them on many things, most of which are luggage and underwear.
zip closure, which can be divided into 4 types according to the material. The first type is nylon zipper. This kind of zipper is tedoon pull teeth, which is difficult to keep consistent with the color of clothes. The code name is indicated by n.
The second is plastic-steel zipper, plastic-steel material will be embedded into the cloth after molding, its disadvantage is that the pull teeth will loosen and fall off.
The third type is copper zipper, with one-way zipper and two-way zipper, which will rust after long use. It is generally imported from Japan.
The fourth is aluminum zipper and nickel zipper. You can tell by name that aluminum and nickel are used as zipper materials.
There are 6 general types of embossed zippers. These six types are O-shaped zippers, open zippers, double-open zippers, closed zippers, recessive zippers, and X-sex zippers.
Let's take a look at the difference between ordinary zippers and embossed zippers. The bonding thread of the embossed zipper puller and the pull teeth is reinforced, making it stronger and more durable. The cloth head of the rab is strengthened. Also, the joint part of the pull teeth is slipped and polished, which improves the pull-in and smoothness of the zipper.

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