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life, we can often see all kinds of zippers on clothes, includingmetal zipper, there are also nylon zippers and other types of zippers. Although the functions of these zippers are similar, clothes with different styles with a suitable zipper will add to the aesthetic design of the clothes and attract more people's favor.
Of course, different types of zippers themselves will also have certain disadvantages, which need our good maintenance. In this regard, the embossed zipper will talk to you about the discoloration of the metal zipper chain teeth. The chemical property of copper alloy is that when it encounters acid, alkali, oxidant or reducing agent, a chemical reaction will occur and cause color discoloration. When the chemical agent remaining on the cloth reacts with the chain teeth, slider or tail opening parts of the metal zipper, the zipper may change color. This is reflected in high temperature and high humidity conditions (sewn products are steam ironed, sealed and packaged in plastic belts and kept for a long time, etc.). This situation is not the quality problem of the zipper itself. The metal zipper has been protected in the process of making, but due to the oxidation of copper materials, even if the protective treatment is good, there are inevitable things that happen. For example, when copper zipper is used in leather products or wool products, it turns black due to the oxidation of metal. This is because chromic acid, tannic acid and bleaching agent (ammonium sulfite) used in leather products and wool products are bleached. After bleaching, due to incomplete neutralization, gaseous substances remain in the product. In order to prevent oxidation of copper alloy, it is necessary to carry out anti-rust treatment, but due to the use of strong treatment agent and sealing in polyethylene packaging bags, discoloration will be promoted. The rubber band itself contains sulfide, which is easy to cause the oxidation reaction of copper materials to turn black, so avoid using rubber bands to tie metal zippers. Therefore, it is best not to seal the clothing packaging bag, keep it breathable, use anti-moisture paper and anti-moisture agent, and the effect will be better.
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