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zipper is a continuous arrangement of chain teeth, connecting parts to merge or separate articles, and is widely used in clothing, bags, tents, etc. The characteristics of the zipper must include the following two points:
1. Fasteners composed of two belts each with a row of metal teeth or plastic teeth, edges used to connect the openings, and a sliding piece that can pull the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the openings;
2. A chain linked to something to tighten, stabilize, or guide it. Zipper as an indispensable connector in the production of clothing and luggage, the demand on the market is very huge, so it can be seen that the zipper industry also has great market potential.
, for ordinary consumers, it may be more practical to maintain zippers. Here, Wenzhou Runhe Zipper Factory, as a leader among Wenzhou Zipper Manufacturers, teaches everyone how to maintain zippers.
is used at ordinary times, attention should be paid to whether there are any problems such as "broken belly", "tooth removal" and skew on the zipper. If there are such problems, repair them in time. Do not use brute force to pull the zipper, otherwise the zipper will be easily damaged. If the zipper is loose and detached, you can use a small hammer to tap the zipper head a few times to make the upper and lower chain teeth bite tighter, and then you will not detach again. There are also some aluminum alloy zippers that are more susceptible to corrosion, so keep them dry and do not get damp to prevent aluminum teeth from producing white oxides and affecting the use of zippers.

Created on:2018/04/03 09:56