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believe that most people have encountered such a situation. When we pull the zipper of clothes, the cloth next to the zipper suddenly gets involved in the middle of the zipper, thus getting stuck and unable to pull, especially the metal zipper has a very high probability of this happening. In this case, many people adopt the method of using brute force to continue pulling, but it is easy to damage the zipper. Next, Wenzhou zipper manufacturers-Runhewill teach you a simple and effective way to solve this problem.

1. We need to prepare some laundry detergent and pour the laundry detergent on the place where the zipper is stuck. Its function is to reduce the friction between the clothes and the zipper and lubricate them. It is possible to pull out the zipper very easily.

2. It should be noted that the laundry detergent should be poured down from the gap of the zipper and completely moist.

3. After pulling out the stuck zipper, we can wash off the remaining laundry detergent with water and then blow dry the clothes with a hair dryer.

is as simple as that. Have you learned?


Created on:2018/03/29 09:56