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quality zippers and ordinary zippers. Compared with ordinary zippers, the details are more perfect. So, what is the standard of quality zipper? Next, let Wenzhouzip closuretell you.

is durability. The quality zipper is durable. After the ordinary zipper is used for a period of time, the problem of chain explosion may occur, resulting in the zipper missing teeth, unable to pull or uneven, and the quality zipper will not have these problems.

is the smoothness of the zipper. The smoothness of the quality zipper is perfect, and it can be pulled and closed freely even if it is used for a long time. However, after a period of use, the feeling of one card and one card may appear when the zipper is pulled and closed, which is very unsmooth.

is the appearance. Quality zippers are well-made, bright in appearance, bright in color, colorless flowers, and smooth and soft in the hand, while ordinary zippers are relatively inferior and relatively rough in the hand.

Runhezipper products produced by zippers include metal zippers, nylon zippers and resin zippers. These zipper products have passed relevant professional tests and belong to quality zippers. Friends are welcome to come and discuss business.

Created on:2018/03/28 10:01